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Scott Baker


About Scott Baker

At the heart of Mid-Michigan's own singer-songwriter is the template of a musical architect coming into his own. Having just released his fourth solo album, Community Aspire, Baker continues to carve out unique approaches. It's not just rock, not just acoustic, not simply Americana, not entirely the blues, and not even jazz. It's his own mosaic of music, a kettle of all of the above and more. It ultimately makes it difficult to be found in a specific 'section' at a music store.

"My style of writing and my influences are all over the map," said Baker. "I'm most happy letting a song develop and be itself, instead of stuffing it into a category or changing it to fit. I call it electric/eclectic."

His influences tend to be of the journeymen type--from the rock sounds created early on by the likes of Neil Young, Allman Bros, Leon Russell, The Guess Who, Yes, and the Stones through staples Tom Petty, David Crosby (& CSN), Todd Rundgren, Dick Wagner, Jackson Browne, George Benson, and Dan Fogelberg, up to more modern sounds of Ryan Adams, Wilco, The Jayhawks, Chris Robinson (& Black Crowes), My Morning Jacket, Pearl Jam, Norah Jones, Phish, and Sturgil Simpson, the cup runneth over.

"My tastes and influences are always more based on those who carved out a career, not just what is hot on the radio."

From his solo acoustic shows to his full-electric band outings, Baker is carving a musical journeyman path and Community Aspire is the proof. For more information on the album, visit the Media page.